The Great Green Wall!


There has been a lot of talk about building walls lately…but this is one wall that EVERYONE can gladly support!

The Great Green Wall is an initiative currently happening in Africa. The goal is to build a massive wall of trees at the edge of the Sahara, to prevent the desert from expanding and taking over too much usable land. Many countries are participating, and the final wall will span the entire width of the continent — an astounding 8000km (5000mi) long!!

20100618-great-green-wall-mapThe project is about 15% completed so far, and the goals are to restore 100 million hectares of farmland, create 350,000 jobs, and trap 250 million tons of carbon by 2030. Once completed, the Great Green Wall will be the largest living structure on the planet, 3 times the size of the Great Barrier Reef. Wow!

This is such a cool project, and I can’t believe I’ve just…

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Wrong place. Wrong time. The defense of ‘Not Me’ does not work, and you can be charged with the crime that another person has committed by being part of the circumstances that led to the crime.

NJ Law Talk

conspiracyIn its simplest of terms under the New Jersey law, Conspiracy, is an agreement between 2 or more persons to commit an unlawful act. In essence, anything that is a reasonable and foreseeable consequence of the actions that any co-conspirator takes, can result in you facing the same penalties as if you had committed the acts yourself. Accomplice liability, is you being held responsible for your own conduct; and/or, the conduct of another for whom you are legally accountable. Another way to think of it is that the defense of ‘Not Me’ only works with Mom, not with the law.

Conspiracy is a specific statute that you can be charged with, separate and in addition to the crimes committed as part of the conspiracy. If the conspiracy was to commit a robbery with a gun, you and your co-conspirators can be charged with Robbery, Possession of the gun, Possession of…

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Pretty in Pink!

Karen Leslie Art

I’ve added a couple of new prints to my Etsy shop, and today the theme is PINK! 

This piece is #2 in my Celtic Knot series (#1 is here). This particular knot consists of several entwined hearts, so I felt it was a good choice to represent love! The background is watercolor in pinks and purples, with touches of blue and orange for interest. The knot itself is outlined in red, with matching red dots. 


This piece is #1 in my Inspirational series: Life is Sweet! Again, the background is colored in pink watercolors, with the words “Life is Sweet” over it in deep magenta. What better way to remind yourself of the joy that we have available to us here on Earth? There will be more inspirational artworks like this in the future! :)


This next one is an older piece, but one I really love! (Notice…

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Solar Panels…powered by bacteria!


Researchers at the University of British Columbia have developed a cool new innovation in the field of solar power – bacteria!

solar-panels-1477987_960_720Solar cells are great for harvesting energy from the sun, but the drawback is that they have a drastic drop in efficiency on cloudy days or situations with dim light. There are certain types of bacteria that produce a natural dye that helps them convert light energy into food, and scientists had experimented with extracting this dye for use in solar technology. Extracting the dye proved difficult and costly, so they decided on a more elegant solution–putting the bacteria themselves into the solar cells!

These new solar panels are called “biogenic” because they are a hybrid of technology and nature. How cool is that?

bacteriaThis could be a great solution for parts of the world that would benefit from solar power, but have too many overcast days to currently…

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Bee Saving Paper!


We’ve all heard of the problems honey bees have been facing lately, and it’s imperative to our world that we protect this super important pollinator. One company has developed a unique and unexpected bee saving solution: paper!

This bee saving paper is made with a special type of sugar that is easily digestible by bees, so they can get a snack while they’re out on pollen patrol. It’s covered with UV-sensitive red spots that are highly visible to bees, and it even has seeds embedded into the fibers to grow new wildflowers after the paper decomposes!

I love seeing the positive and unique solutions people have come up with to solve some of our modern problems! Be sure to check out the maker’s website here: Bee Saving Paper



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Five Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Stories Inspired By Philip Kapneck

Kapneck Blog

These five ribbon cutting ceremonies are inspiration for businesses moving to a new area or for startups. A ribbon cutting helps to get an introduction to the area, to local business owners and staff, and to the local community.

Here is a story about Philip Kapneck, an inspiration for the growth of ribbon cuttings for businesses, events, schools, universities, and building and arena openings.


philip kapneck ribbon cutting. Philip Kapneck ribbon cutting inspiration.

Philip Kapneck Cuts Another Ribbon

Philip Kapneck, the Maryland Trade Ambassador, reintroduced ribbon cutting ceremonies to Maryland businesses in 1976. This was documented in the NewsBlaze story, Philip Kapneck’s Ribbon Cutting Creates Celebration.

So many ribbons were cut, celebrating the opening of new businesses in Maryland, that “Philip Kapneck” and “Ribbon Cutting” are still often mentioned in the same breath.

Here are four recent inspiring ribbon cuttings that were good for local communities.


dynamic incubator dynamic incubator ribbon cutting.


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How to shoot Soccer on iPhone X — Apple

Manlio Mannozzi

How to shoot Soccer on iPhone X — Apple

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