A Man-Friendly Guide to Periods

Gingernut's Science Dunk

The period, the ‘time of the month’, the red scourge; whatever you choose to call it, menstruation affects us all. Yes, even men suffer through them. Of course you guys don’t actually suffer it first hand, but I think it’s safe to assume most of you have been the unfortunate recipient of a hormone-fuelled rant at one time or another.

An amusing, yet tragically accurate Buzzfeed article provides some brilliant descriptions of a period. Here is one of my favourites:

“Periods are awful, inconvenient, dirty, uncomfortable, excruciating, exhausting, and you aren’t supposed to talk about them, which only makes it worse because you have to live your life pretending you aren’t constantly sweating, farting, expelling fluids from your vagina, and in so much pain you can hardly breathe. I’m not exaggerating.”

Despite the fact that every single woman in the world will experience a period, many of us don’t understand them very…

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