Onions can make you happy. Seriously.

Distinguished Toastmaster Paul Finkelstein, DTM (561)302-0051 Eastern Time


Onions can make you happy.  Seriously.   But see below the real reason for this blog entry.  Yes, it is true.  This powerful veggie has the power to make us cry lots of tears on demand with just 1 slice.  Words can do the same.  Just a simple story for today.  On the way back from a walk my wife and I stopped off at Walmart to pick up a few things for dinner last night.  This onion was one of the 10 items we picked last night.  Of course we used the 10 item of less cashier.  It’s faster right?  I know what you’re thinking.  Not always the case right.  I did notice the cashiers name badge.  Peggy it said.  I said, nice to meet you Peggy.  How many Walmart customers walk right past the cashier of the day and don’t even say hi?  Good question.


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