Five Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Stories Inspired By Philip Kapneck

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These five ribbon cutting ceremonies are inspiration for businesses moving to a new area or for startups. A ribbon cutting helps to get an introduction to the area, to local business owners and staff, and to the local community.

Here is a story about Philip Kapneck, an inspiration for the growth of ribbon cuttings for businesses, events, schools, universities, and building and arena openings.


philip kapneck ribbon cutting. Philip Kapneck ribbon cutting inspiration.

Philip Kapneck Cuts Another Ribbon

Philip Kapneck, the Maryland Trade Ambassador, reintroduced ribbon cutting ceremonies to Maryland businesses in 1976. This was documented in the NewsBlaze story, Philip Kapneck’s Ribbon Cutting Creates Celebration.

So many ribbons were cut, celebrating the opening of new businesses in Maryland, that “Philip Kapneck” and “Ribbon Cutting” are still often mentioned in the same breath.

Here are four recent inspiring ribbon cuttings that were good for local communities.


dynamic incubator dynamic incubator ribbon cutting.


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