Wrong place. Wrong time. The defense of ‘Not Me’ does not work, and you can be charged with the crime that another person has committed by being part of the circumstances that led to the crime.

NJ Law Talk

conspiracyIn its simplest of terms under the New Jersey law, Conspiracy, is an agreement between 2 or more persons to commit an unlawful act. In essence, anything that is a reasonable and foreseeable consequence of the actions that any co-conspirator takes, can result in you facing the same penalties as if you had committed the acts yourself. Accomplice liability, is you being held responsible for your own conduct; and/or, the conduct of another for whom you are legally accountable. Another way to think of it is that the defense of ‘Not Me’ only works with Mom, not with the law.

Conspiracy is a specific statute that you can be charged with, separate and in addition to the crimes committed as part of the conspiracy. If the conspiracy was to commit a robbery with a gun, you and your co-conspirators can be charged with Robbery, Possession of the gun, Possession of…

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